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How do we turn the old and forgotten into a
new and popular experience for the family?


Miami’s oldest botanical garden was in dire need of talk-value from an evolving community. The number of visitors had remained generally flat for several years, and the demographic was skewing older. Their latest endeavor, Wings of The Tropics, the largest Butterfly Conservatory in the U.S., needed the right stage set for the swarms of new visitors they hoped to attract.

Attract younger, family-oriented audiences so that all local and national eyes would be reminded that Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, like its butterflies, is fun and engaging at any age. Leveraging its natural beauty, and capturing the raw experience for others to see, would be key to its success.

Using a blitz of traditional and non-traditional mediums all over the Greater Miami area, we created a visually captivating campaign that let consumers acknowledge the feeling of being swarmed and surrounded by over 3,000 butterflies. The campaign captured the unedited reactions of consumers young and old, and conveyed an experience that couldn’t be missed. Garden visitation saw a significant increase year after year, and total Annual Family Memberships increased over 50%.

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