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Miami was ranked as one of the worst cities per capita in terms of the use and availability of public spaces and parks. How can we help tackle this problem and help improve our city and the quality of life of its residents?

We took on the challenge and decided to activate one of these areas and make it the go-to destination. By combining the city’s unique vibe and pop culture we created a vibrant, engaging social community experience.

Bay Skate Miami was born. We turned Bayfront Park’s Claude Pepper Fountain, located in the heart of downtown, into Miami’s first-ever public, outdoor, old school roller skating experience. Miami’s culturally diverse community was univied with just a pair of skates.

It brought people from all over the city together for a night of fun, sharing and living. A cool and fun experience that not only fueled our love for local music, local food and local brunds… but most importantly, the love for our city: Miami!

Bay Skate has become the largest free community initiative in Downtown Miami – engaging well over fifteen thousand (15,000+) attendees throughout the last three events. Bay Skate has helped bring thousands of people to an otherwise empty park, activate surrounding businesses, and create a regular destination for residents and visitors to add to their Miami “bucket list”.